Fun Friday and Why I Home School

We hardly ever get snow (maybe once or twice a year) where we live so today’s FUN FRIDAY was even better since the boys woke up to their world looking completely different from what it looks like most of the time. Truth be told we didn’t get much snow this time either, it’s mostly ice. Oh well, they still had a great time! Here are the boys rolling down our drive way really early Friday Morning after they took our dog out and let the chickens and goats out for the day. (We call this P.E. (and Recess =), you would to if you saw how long it is and you had to walk all the way back up it just so you could have the fun of rolling back down again.

Creativity Time: Working with moon sand for the first time and as you can see the boys are right in front of the fire-place. We did everything we could in front of the fireplace on this Fun Friday!

Here they are writing “Thinking of You’ notes and Thank You” notes. (Grammer, Spelling and Handwriting)


We started our day off with breakfast, the boys taking care of our animals and playing outside. When they came in we had bible and scripture memory time. Below I am listing a few of the other activities the boys were busy with on this day:

K’nex and Lego Building while they listened to some stories on HIS KIDS RADIO on the internet

I read a couple of articles out of our Nature Friend Magazine: Poisons of the rainforest Jungle: Dart Frogs and Turkey Vulture God’s natural Cleanser (Natural History)

I had my oldest read to homself from his Clubhouse magazine (from Focus on the Family)

Played Bunco (used it as a way to practice and review some basic addition skills, social skills (practice losing =), observation Skills, following directions, etc)

Worked in their New Geography and Natural History (Nature) workbooks. We do not use workbooks for anything but math and they don’t do them everyday so occasionally they think it’s fun!

They discovered/played/explored (whatever you want to call it) with their Discovery Kids Smart Animals Scanopedia. I got it almost 1/2 off the original price and I still felt I was splurging. I did it because I think it will be a wonderful learning tool just to have around for free time and for Fun Friday’s.  (Natural History & Geography)

Read to them from an old book we just started called Forward Commando’s (My oldest LOVES it so far) by Margery W. Bianco

Her final book, 1944’s Forward Commandos!, was an inspirational story of wartime heroism, which included as one of its characters a black soldier. Acknowledging the contribution of African-Americans to the war effort was extremely rare in literary output of the time and that fact was noted in the book’s reviews.

Margery Williams Bianco did not live to see World War II come to an end. As Forward Commandos! went on sale, she became ill and, after three days in the hospital, died at the age of 63.–Wikipedia


My oldest helped me in the kitchen for dinner. We made Taco’s (Math,Life Skills, following direction’s, organizing: thoughts, dishes, time, etc)

If you would like to see other pictures from our day just click HERE

I want to highlight an Educational Toy that I mentioned above:   Discovery Kids Smart Animal Scanopedia

Discovery Kids Smart Animal Scanopedia

I wrote the note below to the company that made it:

I just purchased the Smart Animal Scanopedia and it came with one animal. I also purchased a couple of extra animals and I am thankful I did. When I purchased this I didn’t understand until I got it home, opened it up and read about it, that we would need to buy all the animals to have access to all the information.When I pulled it out today for our FUN FRIDAY home school day, my kids thought it was great and they are really enjoying it! I will not be able to justify purchasing all the available animals but I do plan in the future when I can afford it to buy a few more. I really do love the idea of this toy!! I bought it because I found the animals and the Scanopedia on sale at Target and it sounded like a fun way to learn. If it hadn’t been on sale I wouldn’t have been able to buy it so I am very thankful it was because as I said I think it is great for kids!!I was wondering if we would still be able to scan the map if I were to get it laminated. I would love to be able to do that to keep it from getting torn, etc.         

**They got back with me and said the map could still be used if it was laminated.**

Find a detailed review HERE from Kids Tech Review

Please  share your Fun Educational  Activties, tips, suggestions


Why I Home School

because we have the freedom to have Fun Friday’s every Friday =)

I hope you might take a moment and read my other Why I Home School Post

So Why do you Home School?

10 Comments Add yours

  1. How blessed your children are to have you investing in them as you are. I can tell you are one top-notich school teacher…your organization and diverse learning activities are just awesome!

    Good on you! 🙂

    God bless you and have a beautiful weekend.

    1. Angie says:

      Oh, my thank you very much for your kind words.

  2. gretchen says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog. I just started homeschooling so I will be back for more of your great ideas.

    1. Angie says:

      Well, I will be praying for you. I know when you first start it can all seem overwhelming BUT just take it one day at a time =)

  3. Debbie Oglesby says:

    How do you review concepts playing Bunco? I know how to play Bunco, just not sure about reviewing and playing at the same time. It sounds like a lot of fun, something my kids would really enjoy. Thanks for sharing. Can I come to your house for Fun Fridays?

    1. Angie says:

      Hi Debbie,
      Well, we did play Bunco a little differently. We only did 5 rounds and only went to 10 instgead of 21. They game would have just lasted to long bor my boys attention span if we had tried t play by proginal rules. I would have them help me add up points, sometimes I would have them add up the dots on the dice when they would roll. I don’t want to go over board so that it isn’t fun anymore, just enough to get a little math practice in =)

  4. Becky says:

    I homeschool , because being with them all day long is a gift that lasts only for a while…but mostly, because I know this is what God has ordained for our family.

    Thank you…

  5. Kerstin says:

    Ang-find the game ‘Shut the Box’=great game to learn Math and ‘social skills’…haha…

    1. Angie says:

      Thanks Kerstin I wll look for it.

  6. *Kris* says:

    I like the animal scanner–looks like a lot of fun! Why do I homeschool? At this point, when people ask me that, I say, “Why wouldn’t you homeschool?” There’s so many reasons I simply don’t know where to begin! Thanks for this submission to the Hands On Homeschool blog carnival.

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