#5 Handicrafts/ Life Skills Challenge

Just in case this was your first time to see these challenges, I wanted to slip in a quote from my very first Challenge post

Since Handicrafts/Life skills are an important part of our family I wanted to spotlight it on my blog . I also wanted to offer a weekly challenge (or we can just call it an invitation =) to anyone who happens to read my blog. This would be great for both Home schooling families and Non Home schooling families!

Let me share my definition of Handicraft/Life Skills: “Anything useful you can learn and use the rest of your life.” Yes, I know that is a very liberal definition!!  You might not spend every day of your life using all the skills you learn but the point is, you can if you want or need to. Here are examples: Art (all kinds), Photography, Computer skills, Sewing, Knitting, Wood Work,  Leather work, House Cleaning, Organizing, Crafts, Cooking, Baking, Hunting, Wilderness Survival, Nature Study, Farming, Inventing, Writing, Drama………..o.k., I think you get my point. You are only limited by your own imagination.

So far I have spotlighted: Making a Homemade Gift, Baking and Photography. I hope you might enjoy and find these Handicraft/ Life Skills Challenges useful! 

This week we are spotlighting LIFE SKILLS.

Learning How To Change Oil

You may think this will not be any fun, well your right but anything we can teach our children that will help them get by in life is important!! =)

Learn How To Do Laundry and Fold Clothes

Learn How to Really Clean a Sink

I encourage you to pick at least one skill that you can show/teach your child. If you have more than one child you may want to pick a different skill for each child. You know your children, what would be more beneficial to each one, what they would be ready for, etc. Just because you show them doesn’t mean they will be ready to do this skill on a regular basis but you are setting things up so that one day they will be ready to do just that. This is just an  opportunity to expose them to this skill, teach them the importance of the skill, the importance of doing their best and the importance of contributing to the family.

Learn How To Clean Out A Fire-Place  and even How To Make A Fire

How To Really Clean A Toilet

You might find these links helpful or NOT. If you have an older child these links may provide good reading material for them =)

How To Change Oil

How To Build A Better Fire

How To Really Clean A Sink

How to Make a Pot of Coffee and Clean A Coffee Pot

How To Really Clean a Toilet

How To Do Laundry

How To Make A Pot of Coffee and Clean a Coffee Pot

To add a little fun to this why don’t you plan a special activity to do after your kid(s) have had their Life Skills Lesson, to celebrate a job well done!!

Special Activity Ideas: Have Tea Time, Play Board Games, Go for a Nature Walk, Listen to an Audio Book together, Watch a Favorite Movie, Bake Cookies, Eat Ice Cream, etc

Pouring the new oil in

If you would like to see the rest of my son’s Lesson on “Changing Oil” than go HERE

After my son’s lesson I ask him to Narrate the lesson (Tell me what all he remembers), Below is what he remembered with a little help from his daddy and I.

1. Warm up truck (daddy reminded him that is so the oil will flow better) 2. have supplies handy 3. crawl under truck  4. empty old oil from oil pan into the drain pan 5. Put on new filter (hopefully you’ve already made sure you have the right one) 6. Crawl out from under the truck 7. Pour new oil in through funnel (you should already know how much you need to put in) 8. Pull out dip stick, wipe it off, stick it back in, pull it back out to see if the amount of oil is correct (It too much oil, you’ll have to drain some out, if not enough, add more) 9. Update your records so you will know when this will need to be done again 10. Clean up the mess

*My husband told him to make sure you put the drain plug back in the oil pan before you start refilling it with the new oil, I think you can guess why that would be important*

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    Great ideas! Love the photos of your husband and son changing the oil. I love practical – especially setting the coffee pot!

  2. Monica says:

    Great post. My husband and I started a list of life skills we want our kids to be able to do before they are grown. It is definitely doing our children a favor to teach them these things!

    1. Angie says:

      You are so right. My boys may not appreaciate it all right now but one day I know they will!! =)

  3. Michelle says:

    Without going into our life history, I can say that my children did learn life skills, not because it was part of a curriculum, but simply because as a single mom– they get taught out of necessity. Now that I’m a CM mom as well, there’s a more deliberate focus on such things. Thanks for sharing this. I know there are a lot of moms who wonder “what are handicrafts? what are life skills?” and you’re serving those moms with posts like this.

  4. *Kris* says:

    Toiletology—too funny! With three boys + dh I think that lesson is particularly useful in this household. Thanks for submitting to the Hands On Homeschool blog carnival.

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