Habits for a Happy Home


Please visit the home of Habits of a Happy Home today!

I have submitted a post from my series called “Today is for Reflection” and it is titled:

A Habit of Walking with HIM, no matter what

I also want to encourage you to check out the first post in a series on the HHH blog titled:  Back to basics: simple suppers submitted from a friend of mine. Below is a quote from her post:

However your days are going, you still have mouths to feed. Basic meal time. We all have to eat! After a full day of school and chasing toddlers, the last thing I want to look at is a long list of ingredients to cook!

Give me easy and make it fast. Or cook it slow. When the rest of the day is a continual challenge I keep mealtime simple. Here are the strategies I use to make suppers easy, inexpensive and delicious. (Read more…)

There are also so many other inspiring post on HHH. Here’s just a few of the topics going:

Kendra– A morning routine, cleaning thankfully, story time, a solid foundation

Kerrie– what’s for dinner, what fragrance are you wearing, leave room for God

Kim– the habit of the table, habit training, habit of walking in the Spirit and being a big girl, habits for the homeschool year, habit of seeing Him

Angie– feeding your family God’s ideas, the habit of keeping silent, habit of morning prayer, habit of gratitude, morning prayer

Tricia– Shh. It’s quiet time, What about the little ones?, Celebrate every day, habit of family journaling, dating your husband, practical prayer

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