An “All About HIM” Nature Study: Ice

My boys picked ICE for this weeks Nature Study and I think that is because for the past couple of days they have had a blast with the little bit of  ice that is outside on the ground and the thin layer of ice that is on our little lake. When we were talking about the nature study I remembered that I had seen an experiement using ice in one of our magazines. I found the article titled Winter Water with the experiment in our January 2010 Nature Friend Mag. (Wonderful mag.)

I read the article while we ate lunch in front of our fire-place. and after lunch we headed out for a walk and our Nature Study.  The boys observed ice really close up and from far away, we felt it, smashed it and threw it. It was a fun but cold time outside and it felt soooo good to be outside in God’s amazing creation doing a nature study with my boys.

Find out about ICE @ History for Kids

Lifting ICE experiement

Winter Storm  Information and activities @ Weather Wiz Kids (This is NOT just about Ice)

I look forward to next week’s first winter nature study of this year by Barb @ Handbook of Nature Study Blog. What is even better is that she has put together a Winter Nature Study e-book that also includes  Artist and Composer studies.

A quote from Barb @ HNS

 I am really excited to announce that I have finished writing a completely new ebook for the Winter Series of Outdoor Hour Challenges. This ebook is a unique product that includes not only ten nature study challenges but three months’ worth of art and music appreciation with a winter theme! This is the first time I have combined all three elements into a full length ebook and I am anxious to share it with all of my readers and their families.
I have worked hard to produce an exciting ebook to help you with simple winter nature study and give you some help and direction in providing art and music appreciation.–Barb
My Nature Study Pictures:
A patch of ice that the boys have played on for the last couple of days. A chunk of ice my youngest broke off on the edge of a small creek.

My oldest observing a piece of ice. My youngest holding a chunk of ice so I could take a picture through the magnifying glass. 

The layer of ice that is on our wee the lake.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. harmonyartmom says:

    Thanks Angie for sharing my new ebook with your readers.

    I enjoyed reading about your ice study this week too! We have had our share of ice this winter as well and it is a pretty interesting subject. It can be quite beautiful too.

    Thanks again for your support. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Dawn says:

    I need to remember the magnifying glass more. And i also liked that the children picked their own interest to study. I may try that!

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