#4 Handicraft/Life Skills Challenge: Photography Part 2

These Challenges are for families and for children of ALL ages!

This week’s challenge is actually the second part of the #3 Handicraft/ Life Skills PHOTOGRAPHY Challenge from last Thursday. If this is your first time to hear about the Photography challenge, I urge you to check out the post from last week’s challenge and it is right HERE. If you want to read how these challenges got started than please check out my   VERY FIRST HANDICRAFT/LIFE SKILLS CHALLENGE that I posted on my blog and you will find it HERE.

(I took this picture last Spring, this birdhouse was right outside our back porch and it did have little baby Bluebirds in it.)

My boys and I did work on last week’s challenge and below are what they decided was their favorite out of all the pictures they took. My oldest participated in the older kids challenge from last week

 For Elementary age and up: Pick three different subjects (ex. Person, Animal, Tree, House, plant, toy, etc) and take at least 5 different pictures of each subject using different perspectives (far away, close up, even closer up, from up high, straight on, from below, etc. Have them review the pics and decide which perspective for each subject they like best.

and my youngest worked on the younger kids challange. 

For Kindergarten and under have them take a picture of  at least 10 things (ex. something soft (like a dog), something colorful, tall, short, big, small, outside pic, mom and or dad, pet, and a couple of shots of whatever hey want, etc)

If you would like to see all their pictures for these assignments just go to this LINK .

This pic was taken by my oldest (almost 8), our dog was his subject and this was a ‘off center’ perspective.

My youngest (just turned 6) took this one. He was taking a picture of something ‘soft’ ….his stuffed animals.


If you participated in this challenge I would love to see your childrens pics. You can e-mail their favorite to me, share a link to your blog or your flicker photo page below.

For this week I am adding a wee bit to the challenge so if your children already coompleted last week’s assignment they can have a little more fun with Photography.

1. Research a few Famous Photographers and pick your favorite (Mom’s you will want to review photo’s first so you can keep them from any photo’s you wouldn’t want them to see. I am so sorry but I do not have the time to review all Photographers and their photographs for you)

Famous Photographers @ About.com

Famous Photographers @ A gallery for Fine Photographs

Ansel Adams is one of my all time favorite photographers

2. Take 3 different landscape shots and 3 different portrait shots

File:Adams The Tetons and the Snake River.jpg

(Landscape by Ansel Adams)

(Portrait of Ansel Adams)

3. Mom’s if your kids do not already know how, you may want to show them how you download the pictures from the camera to the computer

4. They also may find it fun to play around with their pictures by cropping, lightening, darkening, changing the tint, etc. (See what Andy Wahol does with his pics)

"Portrait of Maurice" Print

"300 SL Coupe, 1954" Print

I hope you and your children (of all ages) enjoy these challenges. I would love to see your kids results from last week’s Photo Challenge and or this week’s challenge!! If you have a question just leave a comment or e-mail me.


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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    We were just talking through last week’s challenge yesterday (got a late start) and are so excited about it! I love your photos and the boys’!

    That photo of the Tetons by Ansel Adams is one of my all time favorites! The Tetons/ Jackson Hole/Yellowstone area has a special spot in my heart. In fact, in honor of the possibility of snow today, I am wearing my favorite, worn, Jackson Hole sweatshirt 🙂

    Thanks for jump starting us with some fun challenges – I love the ice one too!

  2. Kerri says:

    This looks like lots of fun. If I can find enough batteries 🙂 we will do this tomorrow. Great pics by you and the boys!

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh I love this idea! I’m definitely going to follow along and join in this fun!

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