Lord, I am so Thankful! (Gratitude Community…1000 gift list cont’d)

Lord, you have given and you will continue to give because that is just who you are. I am once again in AWE of your amazing goodness!! No matter how little I may give, no matter when I forget to say ‘Thank You’, you just keep on giving!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!


I am thankful that last night my husband and I had a date night. The boys were at my younger sisters house from 5pm Sunday night until 12:10pm Monday. It was wonderful for them and for us. It had been soooooo long since we had an evening to ourselves. We had chinese (take-home), watched a movie, read without being interrupted, got our weekly shopping done, returned Christmas presents that didn’t work out, talked about things we needed to without the boys around and MORE.
Christmas Eve dinner at Longhorns with my younger sister and her family. We had a gift card, YEA!!
New insight from a book
Reading for knowledge
Reading for pleasure
Father and Son time
Toys that challenge my sons mind
A success when I use my new mixer for the 1st time
funny clean movies
More Family
Last Winters Snow! Where I live we hardly ever get it so it is a very special experience when we do get it.
New calendar with beautiful pictures
Seeing the boys play outside even though it is soooo cold here
Hot cup of coffee, a warm fire, long johns, a heating pad, a lap top= a very relaxing time
Digging Deep in the Word
Devouring the Wisdom I find in the Word

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  1. Tricia says:

    Yeah! Date night! Gift cards! I love the revelation song 🙂 And your snow picture makes me hope we’ll see some this week. Might as well snow if it’s going to be so cold.

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