Why I Home School!

One reason I home school is to save my youngest and myself many trips to the principles office!! Seriously, I am not joking!!! My youngest has difficulties in certain areas (I’m not going to spill his dirty laundry here) and they would have caused friction in a public school setting between him, the teacher and maybe even with other students. It would have just made for some very long difficult days for him. I am so very thankful that we get to work with him and work through these difficulties here at home. No matter how difficult some situations with my youngest are, I love him unconditionally and my feelings for him will never change. Since I love him that way I do feel with all my heart that it is better for him to be with me while he is being challenged, learns, plays, works, tries new things and new situations. I can alter our day, lesson or subject accordingly, give him a break, start over and stop to pray for him. I can do all these things to give him more opportunities to be successful. I have messed up plenty of times in how I handled a situation with him but since we are home together there is plenty of time to make things right, cry out for God’s help and still have happy, peaceful and successful moments for him and I. Once  again I thank God for the privilege to Home School!! It may not be for everyone but it sure is right for us. If you would like you can check out my other post on Why I Home School.

We are on a school break so I will not be posting about our Fun Friday. Thank You!!

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  1. toseeincolor says:

    My mom has homeschooled all 7 of my and my siblings since we started school! One of my brothers is definitely a little trouble maker, and my mom is quite glad she decided to home school. He would have a lot of trouble in school, because he’s so energetic and wants to do so many things!

  2. Pamela says:

    I homeschool because I want our children to live to honor God. While I have run the complete array of emotions during our homeschooling journey, including feelings of inadequacy, I am glad that we stuck with it. I still have many years to go for all of our children to complete their schooling, and I intend to get better at it! All God requires is that we live in Him and move forward with Him. For that I am thankful. I can look at our eldest and rejoice that she has grabbed onto God for herself and delights herself in Him. She’s completing her senior year and I see her making quality decisions led of Him! :o)

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