Why I Home School

Why I home school…………..

because I get to choose what my boys will study and how they will study it. Now according to the law we have to cover Math, Social Studies, Reading, Language Arts and Science but the great thing is I get to choose how I teach those subjects and what materials I use to teach them. I also am blessed to be able to choose all the other subjects that I want to introduce to my boys. Just one more great reason to Home School!!

Example of subjects that we cover:
History: Biblical, Christian Faith/Church, American and World
Geography: Basic, Local, U.S. & World
Literature: Living Books, biographies, Poetry, Fables
Art Appreciation
Music Appreciation: Hymns, Classical, Folk & Patriotic Songs
Art Lessons: Sketching, Clay work, Painting, etc
Handicrafts/ Life Skills: Sewing, Farming (well, taking care of chickens and goats), Wood Working, Wilderness Survival, Art, Baking, Gardening, Photography
Spanish (we actual have been taking a break and are starting back in Jan 2010)
Natural history: Readings, Nature Study, Nature Walks
Health and Physical Education

Every Thursday I am reminding myself ‘ WHY I HOMESCHOOL’ !! See my other ‘Why I Home School’ post HERE.

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  1. johnmcgeough says:

    You have perfectly answered the question of why anyone would homeschool. You have made the right choice. Jesus Christ himself was schooled at home with his mother and father. I truly believe that homeschooling is in imitation of Him. Beautiful.

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