Why I Home School

Why I Home school?

Last week I shared that I home school for my boys.

Today I share another reason why I home school, it may seem silly but I see it as a benefit and the reason is because I can give my boy’s their birthday off =) Recently my youngest celebrated his sixth birthday and we all had a great time celebrating it!

I choose to Home School year-round. So I have 12 months to get in the 180 days by law we are supposed to ‘school’. So that means I can take off a day when we want or need to and we still have plenty of days to get ‘school’ in.

Join me every Thursday as I remind myself all the wonderful reasons that home school is right for us and that it is a true blessing!!

So why do you Home School?

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  1. PAULINE says:

    I just had to write and say that I really enjoy reading your blog! It is wonderful. I think I need to think a little more about why I homeschool ’cause otherwise I think that it is really easy to lose your purpose… I need to re-evaluate a little. We start afresh here in Australia, in late January- so I have a little time to contemplate “O) Thanks again for a lovely place to visit!

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