Fun Friday: A Day Full of Fun

Last Friday was our first FUN FRIDAY and my first post about them. I listed MANY ideas and links to resources that you might find useful, so I hope you will check it out.

Today I just want to share some of what we ended up doing on our first FUN FRIDAY.

Games: Noah’s Ark Game (History, reading practice for my oldest, social skills, counting for youngest and it’s fun) Regular Bingo (While we played we reviewed Letter sounds for youngest, spelling for oldest, social skills, I also included some math while we played and again it’s just fun) and Bird Bingo (Natural History, Social Skills, Reading practice for oldest, FUN)

Christmas Literature: Books, Poetry (No explanation needed =)

Baking cookies (Math, following directions, kitchen hygiene and safety, social skills)

Science Experiments: We completed about 4 or 5 quick, easy and fun experiments. As I said before my boys love Science experiments and there are many benefits to including them in your HS day.

History/Science: Thomas Edison kids Inventor series video (from the library)

Art Appreciation: Christmas Story told through Paintings

Art Lesson: Sketching “City” Landscapes

Reading Practice: My oldest reads daily from books he picks from the Library

We also continued our celebration of Christmas with our Jesse Tree Devotion, Reading from Jotham’s Journey and our Advent Devotion. My youngest and I were a little under the weather so we didn’t get to a couple things I wanted to do which were: Tea Time and the Handicraft/ Life skills Challenge project but the day was still Full and Fun!!

Please share your Fun Friday Plans or just any Fun projects, ideas, tips, etc. that you include in your home school.

Thank you!!

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  1. Tricia says:

    You know. Those cookies with the design imprints on them are some of our very favorites. I love easy and fun! You always have such great ideas and are building great memories for your boys.

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