Fun Friday’s: A day of fun!

Who said learning isn’t Fun? 

Solar System Puzzle

Not me but I’ll admit some subjects just aren’t as exciting as others. There are many different types of subjects we can expose our children to and many different ways to do it. I have decided that Friday’s will be full of what my boys consider more exciting than the normal day-to-day lessons for Math, Grammar, Spelling, Reading and Copy work.

So I have made a list of subjects/Activities that we can pick from on Friday’s. I might still have to step in and yea or nay occasionally just to make sure we don’t always do the same things. Any of the things on this list can be done on any other day after the normal day-to-day subjects BUT as I said I just decided that Friday would be full of these types of things. That is why I am naming them FUN FRIDAY’S!! All of these activities have great educational value plus when your children are really enjoying what they are doing the value is even greater!

Nature Study

Join me on Friday’s as I post about our Day of Fun!! Please share your FUN Educational ideas, tips, activities, suggestions, links, etc in the comment section. Thanks!!

Art Lesson

Here is my list:

Games (Chess, Memory, Board, Card, Computer (ex. Know your States ), etc.)

‘Feed the Mind’ Links (from Holy Experience)

Baking  (ABC’s of Baking with Kids)

Tea Time

Create Stories, Poems, etc

Science experiments (my boys love these) (More Experiment Ideas)

Leap Frog Toys or DVD’s (Math  & Reading Skills)

Service Projects

Nature Study

Nature Walk

Art Appreciation

THINK projects

Music Appreciation (Composer, Patriotic, Hymns)

Audio Books (while building with Lego’s/K’nex)


Visit a park

Nature, Science or History Documentary’s

Extra Read A Louds

Hands On Art Lesson

Take a Field Trip

Craft projects

Sketch of the Week (AKA Sketch Tuesday by Barb the Harmony Art Mom)

Handicraft/ Life Skills (Check out the weekly Handicraft/ Life skills ‘Challenge’)

Reading from the Boys magazines: Focus On the Family: Club House Jr, Club House, Natures Friend and Lego

Observe the Weather, Learn about the Weather and watch the Weather Channel

Lapbooks (Idea suggested by Hodgepodge Mom & I added the link)

Cooking (Idea suggested by Hodgepodge Mom & I added the link)

Watch the News together (Talk about Current Events Local & World News, find places on the globe or a local map, Pray for people in the stories you hear, etc….) 

Science Experiments

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    Oh thanks for reminding me about fun homeschooling Fridays. We sorta have gotten out of the routine with the holidays. You have a neat list of ideas I can come back to for inspiration! I love a chance of pace myself – even if it’s just listening to music in the background or a new spot to read on a nice day. We enjoy lapbooks and cooking too.

    1. Angie says:

      Thanks Tricia for reminding me about cooking and lapbbooks. Since cooking isn’t my thing I don’t think about it much but it could be a fun activity to do together. If you don’t mind I am going to add those to the lost in this post.

  2. Hi Angie! Thanks for sharing this post in the Hands On Homeschool Blog Carnival. I absolutely love your list, especially since it includes nature study and the Outdoor Hour link! Miss seeing your on a regular basis but I still pop over and read your blog anyway. 🙂

    Thanks so much,

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