Why I Home School

My BOYS…………..they are the reason I home school!!! I want to be with them, I want to see their smiles when they experience something for the first time, I want to see it in their eyes when they are loving the moment they are in, I want to live out the ‘A-Ha’ moments with them, I want to encourage them to keep trying, I want to learn all over again with them, I want to teach them according to the Word not according to the government or culture, I want to open many different types of doors to them, I want to keep some doors shut until they are more grounded in HIM, I want …………….well, when it comes to my boys, I want so much!! I do believe the Lord called my husband and I to this journey because it is right, it is best for my boys and for us as a family. I thank God for the privilege and the opportunity to home school my boys!!!

Visit me every Thursday as I ponder “Why I Home School”

Please share why you Home school?

1. 2008 Christmas 2. Building a shelter in the woods (practicing survival skills their learning in ‘Boys Club’

1. Learning how to play Chess (my youngest 4 & my oldest 6) 2. Recess

1. Field Trip: Tie Dye, Nature Study and Observing Sky Divers 2. Nature Study

1. Zoo Field Trip 2. Learning Wildernes First Aid at ‘Boys Club’

1. They Loved dressing up this Fancy 2. older brother reading to his younger brother

1. Learning how to be a real farmer =) 2. Field Trip to the GA Sea Turtle Center (awesome)

1. Performing and Observing a Science Experiement  2. Busting open a Geode at The Rock & Mineral Show (Field Trip)

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  1. Missy says:

    Hey Angie! I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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