Walk with Him: Christmas…..How We Celebrate

We celebrate Christmas by solemnly and joyfully reflecting on the real reason for this Season. The reason is our Messiah…..Emmanual…….God with us! We celebrate because of Christ, we celebrate HIM, we celebrate His Father, His beginning, His family tree, His heritage, His birth, His character, His love, His forgiveness, His purpose, His life, His words, His death, His blood, His resurrection and His second coming. We also celebrate who we are and what we have because of this one we call Saviour.

We celebrate by decorating just like we do for any type of special event, we just happen to use a different type of decoration. We celebrate by observing Advent; hanging our Advent Calendar, setting out our Advent wreath, each night singing a carol or two, lighting a candle(s), reading our Advent devotion and praying together. We celebrate by honoring His ‘Glorious Coming’ by setting aside time every morning to read the daily Jesse Tree devotion and hanging the Jesse Tree ornament on our Jesse Tree. We celebrate with the boys having their ‘sweetness’ daily. The sweetness is a piece of Chocolate that is resting in the pockets of the Advent calendar and it reminds them of the sweetness of the love of God, the gift of Jesus and our relationship with them. We celebrate in the afternoon’s by daily following the exciting, thrilling, dangerous and suspenseful journey of a boy named Jotham. We celebrate by finding ways to let God love on others through us. We are making our own Christmas cards to give, we are giving less to those we love yet have what they need and we are giving more to those who don’t have all that they need.  We celebrate by spending time as a family enjoying the fun, silly and delightful parts of the season. We celebrate by spending time with family outside our own home, spending time with friends and  spending time with church family. We celebrate by eating wonderful food and yummy baked goods. We celebrate by enjoying  Christmas plays, parties, singing Christmas carols, listening to Christmas music and observing Christmas lights in our community. We celebrate by living to the fullest this life that we have been given. We celebrate with flesh, soul, heart and spirit. We celebrate HIM by continuing our celebration even past December 25th. We celebrate the reason of the season by honoring, loving, respecting, obeying and praising HIM in our daily lives all year-long. We celebrate by choosing to always WALK WITH HIM!!

For a list of our Family Christmas Traditions and links to the resources we use,  please check out this POST.

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  1. Mom says:

    Wonderful! Your Dad was touched that you put the picture of the cross on there.
    Love you.

  2. SO many wonderful ideas. You are a blessing to your family, I can tell. I love the “sweetness” that you have daily. What a great tie-in. God made all good things for our enjoyment and his glory.


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