Lord, I am so Thankful…….1000 Gratitude Gift List Cont’d

What, what would have become of me had I not believed that I would see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living!–Psalm 27:13

Oh, Lord open my eyes that I might Truly SEE every good gift that comes from you!!

Check out more from the Gratitude Community and it’s Founder HERE


That you healed my oldest

Protection for my youngest that kept him from getting sick like his older brother

For Free Field Trips

For Free Building projects @ Home Depot for my boys

Interesting opportunities to learn (A Local Science Center)

The Pileated Woodpecker for being so much fun to see and hear

The wee Humingbird for the miracle of it’s size and speed

Time spent with my boys listening to Christmas music and watching them work so hard to make Christmas Cards for family and friends

For fun, awe inspiring and educational T.V. Channels (ex. Animal Planet, Discovery, PBS, History)

Christian Book Stores (local and web based)

Sale Prices

Birdhouses, Birdfeeders & Birdseed so we can see these amazing creatures up close

A Friends Generosity (ex. bringing me fresh bread, teaching me how to make bread, giving me suplies to make bread, bringing me plates of homemade cookies, loaning me books, answering my many questions)

A warm, dry, comfortable home to live in

Two cars and NO car payments

Online shopping


Learning to lean on you more (ex. when my boys are sick)

The flight and cry of a Hawk (even if it ‘s happening around my Chicken Coop)

The moment my youngest spotted a Hawk on a low limb in our woods and the opportunity for the two of us to get within a couple of feet of it and observe it for as long as we wanted to. (Nature study before 9am Monday morning)

That my two boys were brave enough to shoot their shotgun for the very first time and I got to enjoy the moment (8:30am, Monday morning) with them and their daddy (you should have seen the huge smiles on their faces). It was a great way to start a new week and a school day (Life skills: Gun Saftey, handling & Cleaning)

The smile on my husbands face when he is enjoying a ‘moment’ with his sons

A wonderful Sunday with family and friends: An opportunity to be in your house, singing to you, teaching the kids and having a Christmas Party


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