What do you expect from God?

 You know it breaks my heart to hear the hopelessness in the world around me. What breaks my heart even more is when I see people reject the one who can bring them hope. I see so many that don’t want God in their day-to-day lives but they EXPECT God to rescue them and they decide to blame Him when He doesn’t meet their EXPECTATIONS. How can we blame someone for doing something wrong or not doing something right when as far as we’re concerned they aren’t welcome to be a part of our everyday lives. Why blame God for not answering our prayers or get mad at Him because He isn’t stopping these bad things that are happening around us or to us when we may not even be His child (born again). Also when a person really doesn’t desire or pursue an active, personal, intimate, day-to-day relationship with Him, they don’t desire or strive to obey His commands and to actually walk and live by these commands. Even believers have an EXPECTATION of God that is at times not grounded on the Word of God. There is this actual belief that as a Christian (His children) we are exempt from hurt, depression, sadness, loss, sickness, anxiety, trials, etc. We may not actually speak that EXPECTATION out loud but it is there.  For example when someone doesn’t get a prayer(s) answered the way they wanted they drift away from God. I have also seen it happen when someone has lost a loved one, they blame God because He “took” that person. Where does that come from, doesn’t the Word say “There is a time to be born and a time to die“. I have seen it time and time again when someone gets offended by someone, they choose to hold on to that offense, they separate themselves from that person and maybe even other believers and it can also become a never-ending cycle that eventually separates them from God. It clearly states over and over in the Word that we WILL have trails and tribulations in the world BUT Jesus said He is always with us and He has overcome this world.

What is sad is I know that I have also held certain EXPECTATIONS of God that were not right.

Where do these EXPECTATIONS come from? I think they stem from a “Me” mentality. This has been going on from the very beginning of time. Adam and Eve sinned because they wanted or should I say they EXPECTED MORE than they had. When they already had more than they needed or deserved. We are God’s creation not the creator, why do we think we deserve anything? It is only because of Him that we have a life. He has also given us Free Will, we can choose to love and serve Him or NOT. Of course there will be consequences (blessings or curses) either way we choose but we have the choice in this life to live as we want. You may say why should there be consequences at all? Again I remind us all that HE created us, HE created the world we live in, He controls it all, He started and he can end it whenever he wants, He spoke it all into existence, we can’t make it rain, stop the rain, we can’t stop the rotation of the earth, we can’t keep the earth from crashing into the sun……….I could go on and on but I think you get the point. HE is the ONE , the ONLY, the TRUE, the ALIVE, the REAL GOD. Why shouldn’t there be consequences, why shouldn’t he be able to have certain EXPECTATIONS for us. There is no reason He shouldn’t be able to, so we are the ones that might need to adjust the EXPECTATIONS we have of Him.

It comes down to this…………..do we really know Him, do we really believe Him, do we really trust that He being the alpha and Omega, the beginning and end knows best, that he is powerful enough to have it all under control, that he is worthy of our love , devotion, faithfulness, trust, respect no matter the circumstances just for who He is!!! He wants to love us and he wants to give us His best but we may need to adjust our EXPECTATIONS so that we see that His love, His plans, His ways are always best. That just being able to have a relationship in the here and now with Him, our creator and savior and to be with Him throughout eternity is better than any idea we can have of what is best for us!!

What do you EXPECT from GOD? What does He EXPECT from you? Who is the one that truly has the right to EXPECT anything at all?


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  1. Faith says:

    Hey Angie,
    That was great! Thank you for putting it so well. We live in a “Rights” mentality world – that is the home that I grew up in and it took many years to change that attitude. BUT how freeing it has been to let go of that. I still catch myself sometimes, but I am a work-in-progress.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

    In Christ’s Love,
    Faith Bradberry

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