Attitude of Gratitude

Thank You Lord for EVERY gift big or small!!

#204- – 230 of my 1000 Gift Gratitude list!

A Wonderful Thanksgiving Day with my family

Christmas Decorations-C

Our Community- A

That my brother got his library card-C

Game Stop-A

Beautiful decorated Christmas Tree (My boys did it all by themselves)–me and A

Our Advent wreath with it’s candles and our our Advent devotions-A

That my brother can read- C

Wonderful ways to celebrate the coming of Christ (Advent devotions and stories, Jesse Tree, etc)

Christmas pictures-C

Christmas Lights-C

Fun Holiday Activities (last years Gingerbread house)


myself- C

Last years Christmas memories

Christmas Books-A

T.V.- C

Silliness that makes us laugh

Eating our way through Advent (There are Hershey’s kisses for my boys hidden in each pocket of our Advent Calendar, they will get one kiss a day and the chocolate reminds them of the sweetness of God’s Love, the gift of Jesus and our life with HIM.) – A

Cool Creatures (Rhino Beetle) created by our amazing Creator

A little sister: that drives so we can carpool, that picks up a couple of items for me at he grocery store when shes there so I don’t have to make a special trip, that will follow me to the gas station, that when I was a foster mom and was having unexpected guest she came and helped me straighten up the house, that has passed me clothes she can’t wear anymore, babysat my boys and even numerous foster kids, who puts up with me being late, who loves me as I am!!

A cool big sister with an take it or leave it attitude, awesome fashion sense, that I know loves me as I am and will be and has been there if I need her and she is an aunt that loves her nephews (my boys)


My Kndergarten Book- C

Church Christmas plays that my kids get to be in

Our Nativity-A


If you noticed a ‘C’ at the end of a statement it stands for my youngest son and an ‘A’ stands for my oldest.

Check out the gratitude Community HERE


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    So much to be thankful for! Including my bloggy friend.

    There’s a blog award waiting for you on Hodgepodgemom. Please stop by and pick it up!

  2. Kristin says:

    I’m grateful for blogs that inspire me like this one! (And it was fun finding my family in some of the pictures!) ps. Is your living room always that clean?

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