Our Advent/Christmas Traditions

Here are a few ways/resources we use to celebrate Advent (Coming of Christ). This will be the 3rd year we have used these resources except it will be the first time we have used the three books mentioned. A couple of years ago I started praying and desiring ways to bring the true meaning of Christmas to my children’s eyes and ears daily during the Christmas season. I truly believe God led me to find these resources and make them a part of our Christmas traditions!!

Above is our Advent Wreath that I put together a couple of years ago.

Jotham’s Journey !  We started the book last night for the start of Advent and it was awesome. I have only heard good things about it and now I know why. I am reading this to the boys in the afternoon.

Christ in Christmas Advent devotion book by James Dobson we are using right after dinner along with our Advent Wreath.

Advent calendar: This is our third year using this calendar that I made but this year instead of holding our Jesse Tree ornamanets, each day’s pocket holds a hershey’s kiss for both boys to remind them of the sweetness of the Love of God, the gift of Jesus and life with Him!

Here is our Jesse Tree and a few of our Jesse Tree Ornaments

Here is a special box that my oldest and his daddy made for a “boys club” project. I ask my oldest to make a box to hold our Jesse Tree ornaments and our Adornements that we use for the actual 12 days of Christmas. My oldest just needs to sand it and stain it and it will be ready for many, many years to come. The second pic here is of our Nativity, Our Cross my husband made that I use for Christmas and Easter and the tree that we hang our 12 day of Christmas Adornement ornaments on.

This is the devotion book we are using to go along with our Jesse Tree. The Jesse tree ornaments above came from this book. You can find the book for sale HERE . We are reading our Jesse Tree devotions and placing the ornament on the tree in the mornings.


A day in the life of my family while we celebrate Advent and Christmas.

In the morning sometime after breakfast we have our Jesse Tree Devotion, hang that days ornement on  the Jesse Tree and pray together and maybe even sing a Christmas Carol or two.

Having a taste of ‘sweetness’ each morning (see explanation above)

On and off during the morning hours we listen to all types of Christmas music.

Sometime after lunch I read to the boys from the Advent Story: Jotham’s Journey

In the afternoon I will read one or two Christmas books to the boys, they get to take turns choosing the book(s).

In the afternoon we continue to on and off listen to Christmas music.

Most late afternoons will be time to work on creating Christmas Cards, ornaments, doing various Christmas activities,wrapping presents, baking cookies, etc. During this time we will listen to Christmas music or an audio Christmas story.

Right after dinner while we are at the dinner table we will have our Advent devotion, light a candle from the advent wreath, sing one or two Christmas Carols and pray together.

Most evenings will be spent watching a Christmas movie, special, cartoon, etc as a family. $

When the opportunity arises we will go see a Live Nativity Presentation, A Christmas Play, Participate in a Christmas  building project at Home Depot or Lowes,  Go to a local Christmas Tree Lightening, A local Festival of Trees, finish up the Christmas shopping (only have a few left to get =), maybe even go see the ‘big’ man (yes, my kids still believe), go to our church Christmas party, maybe go see a Christmas movie at the theater, spend time with family and friends, the boys and I are in the church Christmas play and we will drive around and see Christmas lights (my boys love this)!

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  1. Tricia says:

    Oh I just love the Jesse tree, ornaments and box. Especially the box your eldest made! And your wreath is wonderful. I like the nice, sturdy, thick candles. (they look child ‘safe’ 🙂

    So glad that several of us are going through Jotham’s Journey together.

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