2009-2010 School Year

The Children’s Book of America (History), A Child’s Geography (Social Studies, Missions and more) and Christian Liberty Nature Readers Vol 1, 2 & 5
New Elementary Arithmetic (Old Text book) and the Handbook of NatureStudy Blog

Redwall (Literature) 106 Days of Creation (Creation, Science and more) from Simply Charlotte Mason


Dangerous Journey (Literature) and Hero Tales (History, Missions & more)

History Stories for Children (History), One Dog Man (Literature) and The World Treasuary of Children’s Literature

***August 1, 2009 through July 30, 2010***

Bible-Continue our Chronological Reading and add in Reading of Psalms & Proverbs

Character/Habit Training- A Child’s Geography of the World, Laying Down the Rails, William Bennett’s Children’s Books of Faith, Hero‘s, America &Virtues, Dangerous Journey, Good (Moral) Living Books
Memory Work- Scripture, Hymns and Poems

*Math-Hands on, Use Living Math Ideas, Games, workbooks and Alex- New Elementary Arithmetic Text Book by Wentworth. See the “K” Typical Course Study and See the 2nd grade Typical Course Study

*Language Arts See the “K” Typical Course Study and See the 2nd grade Typical Course StudyAlex- Reading Practice, Narrations,Grammar lessons, Copy work, Spelling Lessons (see LA Scope and sequence). Alex- Cont’d-Reading Lessons (review), Copy work, Narration (start @ age 6) Resources: A Child’s Geography of the World, Charlie-Charlotte Mason Reading Lessons, Alex-Two Book Course in English by Mary F. Hyde (book 1), 106 Days of Creation Literature: Living Books-The Peter Rabbit Series by Beatrix Potter, Stuart Little, World Treasury of Children’s Literature, Little House on the Prairie, Charlotte’s Web, My Side of the Mountain and more, Poetry- Various Poems and Poets and Fables (See Classic Children’s Literature list for more choices: Simply Charlotte Mason Literature List for Grades 1-12 and see Ambleside Online’s booklist for grades K-11th)

History- Time Line, History Stories for Children, 106 Days of Creation (Biblical History), Hero Tales(Church History),William Bennett’s Children’s Books of Faith, Hero’s, America & Virtues

Geography- Curriculum: A Child’s Geography of the World along with Globe and Map work at every opportunity

Social/Culture-A Child’s Geography of the World, Window to the World (Book from Voice of the Martys….You can just use their website and ministry),Hero Tales (Missionaries & Church leaders)William Bennett’s Children’s Books of Faith, Hero‘s, America & Virtues

Science (Formal and Nature-See Charlotte Mason‘s Outdoor Ideas Here and Here)-Nature Walks, Nature Studies, Creation Journal’s, 106 Days of Creation, A Child’s Geography of the World, Moody Science DVD’s, Our Creation Club, Burgess Animal Books, Christian Nature Readers, Experiments, Handbook of Nature Study Book, Handbook of Nature Study Blog, Observing and caring for our own animals and trips to Zoo, Natural History Musuems, etc

Physical Education/Health: Exercises, Free Play, Sports, Bicycle Riding, Nature Walks, Nutrition, Tennis, Hiking, All over Body health, etc.. Resources: The end of the 106 Days of Creation Study, Christian Nature Reader #5, The Presidential Physical Fitness Plan, Food Group Review) and exercising with mom and dad

Foreign language: Spanish (Use Library resources, Free On-Line Spanish, Easy Spanish Curriculum and Instant Immersion Spanish )

Art Appreciation and Artist Study- Giotto 1266-1337-Egg/chalk paint / Durer 1471-1528- Wood Block Print/ Matisse 1869-1954-Story Color Collage/ Henry Moore 1898-1986-Carving Stone/ Grandma Moses 1860-1961-Paint on a plate/ Warhol 1930-1987-Photography. In addition use Discovering Great Artist projects.

Music Appreciation and Musician Study- Handel 1685-1759/ Haydn 1732-1809/ Rossini 1792-1868/ Chopin 1810-1849/ Grieg 1843-1907/ Debussy 1862-1918

Hymn Appreciation/Study- Use Wow Hymns CD-Take My Life (and let it be) 1874/ There is a Fountain 1772/ Doxology 1674/ Trust and Obey 1887/ The Old Rugged Cross 1932/ Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us 1836

Folk/Patriot Songs- Star Spangled Banner- 1841 to 1931, The Old Gray Mare-Published 1915, America the Beautiful-1895 to 1910, Down By the Riverside-?, You’re a Grand Old Flag -1906, Battle Hymn of the Republic– 1861 (Use this CD)

Handicraft/Life Skills Hands on Art, Survival Skills, Outdoor Living Skills, First Aide, Farm duties, Wood work, How To Fix items, etc., Fishing, Hunting, Sewing, Gardening, Photography, Cooking, Baking, Eating Healthy, Computer Skills, Changing oil in car, Changing light bulbs, etc.. Making Home Made Cards & gifts, Organizing, Washing Clothes, Intensive House Cleaning, How to use Push Mower, Weeding, How to Iron, Folding socks………… (See more ideas HERE)

*Skill Subjects: Math and most of Language Arts would be separate.*

(See the World Book Typical Course of Study website for ALL grades)

Links to the resources pictured are within the text above.

Artist and Art Study
Little House (Literature) and Old Text Book for English
History Stories for Children
My Side of the Mountain (Literature) , Handbook of Nature Study Book
Books by Thornton Burgess (Literature & Nature Study), Stuart Little (Literature)

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