Georgraphy (plus so much more) Resource

A Child’s Georgraphy is a WONDERFUL Homeschool resource for teaching Geography………………… and Missions, Science, God’s Creation and God’s Love

Quote from ACG website:

It’s a big world out there.
Let’s ensure the Great Commission doesn’t become our homeschooling omission.

■Do you want to give your children the knowledge of geographical terms and explain the topography of the planet? (yes)

■Do you want to give your children a glimpse of the people groups that make up the earth and help them to understand how the geography of the planet affects the way people live? (yes)

■Do you hope for that…. and more… to go deeper and give your children a passion for the world’s peoples; to celebrate our creative, Creator God who fashioned a diverse world of people – all in His own image? (YES!)

■Do you hope to ignite a love for the world’s people in your family that will have eternal consequences? (YES!!)

All this is our passion. And yours too? Our hope is that every child who learns about His glorious globe through A Child’s Geography series will “catch” God’s love for the world’s people and places.

When our children love the world, they will be impassioned to change it.

Let’s read A Child’s Geography because we love the world and we can’t wait to share that love with our children!

It’s contagious. Come. Let’s travel.

Another quote from ACG website:

Explore His Earth is written for elementary grades 1-6, although many families use the books with older or younger children. (Download the free chapters to see if A Child’s Geography is right for your family!)
Curriculum designed to be used over one school year.

Here is a post by a fellow blogger giving testimony to how much she is enjoying using this book in her home school. I encourage you to check it out!

The Author of ACG Vol 1 has also written a book called A Child’s Georgraphy Vol 2: Explore the Holyland, which I can’t wait to get and use it to teach my boys.


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  1. Tricia says:

    Hey I think this would be a wonderful family Christmas gift! I downloaded the free samples over the summer then got sidetracked 🙂 Thanks for the reminder!

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