Thank You doesn’t seem to cover it……….1000 gift list cont’d

….. give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.          1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NIV)
101. When my oldest hit (scraped) his head with a rock he didn’t need stiches
102. Jesus, God’s son-C
103. A Bathtub so I can take a bath-C
104. Field Trip to Boat Rock w/wonderful friends
105. ‘Boys Club’ that my  boys are a part of
106. Opportunity to share God’s love with my boys at a nursing home
107. Crockpots
108. Carpooling with friends
109. That the boys have their own rooms
110. Hot Chocolate
111. Seeing people from your past and remembering happy times
112. Big rocks to climb on (like we saw at Boat Rock)
113. Trees with yellow leaves, trees with red leaves
114. Time to dress up and use our imagination
115. That my hubby got to spend the day with his brother-me & C
116. Zoboomafo (Fun T.V. show where you learn about animals)
117. Our Library
118. Gifts from Uncle S. & Aunt D.- A & C
119. Time to read-A
120. Skateboards-A
121. Bikes & Scooters-C
122. Jumping places (Inflatable jumping playground)-A
123. For being Adopted-A
124. Birthday’s (Birth & Adoption)- C
125. Our chicken and goats-A
126. Uncle S, Aunt D and Cousin Z & B-C
127. Firewood-A
128-Fireworks-C & A
129. Playing in mud-A
130. Playing in the rain-C

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Tricia (hodgepodgemom) says:

    love it! but especially the playing in mud 🙂

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