Christmas Gift Giving Ideas

When it comes to time to give our children gifts this year I wanted to do something different (My husband said that was fine =) and with this idea in mind I ended up once again being inspired by a friend of mine. Check out her post on gift giving ideas HERE! They are wonderful!!

Here are the reasons WHY I wanted to do something different……………..

I wanted to Focus more on:
1. Christ
2. Keeping cost down
3. Giving to others (The poor and needy around the world)
4. How blessed we are as a family
5. That having “lots of stuff” doesn’t equal happiness

I wanted to take the Focus off:
1. A “me, me, me” attitude.
2. The idea that the gifts were the main part of Christmas
3. Shopping and Spending 
4. The need for more,  more and more


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    🙂 There is such freedom in those gift giving guidelines!

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