Ya know what?

With this blog I attempted to do what others have already done so well…………..like the Handbook of Nature Study Blog (Love that blog!) I had taken a break a while ago from blogging and I recently started back when I felt at a peace about it. I still have peace about having this blog but I think what’s the point. All this nature information is out there already. Plus I am trying to have the boys and I focus more on sketching in our Creation Journals. I also feel that God is taking me in a different direction with my other blog so I will be spendng more time with it. Ya know what else as long as I have the blog I will concentrate on taking pictures and sharing them on the blog =)

I pray that this blog pointed people to their Creator and His Amazing Creation and maybe inspired someone out there to get out in His Creation, enjoy it and learn about it!!! I have enjoyed sharing our adventures in God’s Creation with you (whoever you are) and for now I will keep the blog up just in case it will inspire someone who might accidently come across it!

In Christ!!


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  1. I just found your blog…waaaaaaaa!! I think it's so neat! I totally understand though…life is busy. Enjoy your family!Blessings!Amy

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