October Happenings (Southeast Region)


•Oct. 4: Full Moon, Oct. 18: New Moon
•Oct. 13: Venus & Saturn next to each other in the early morning sky
•Oct. 21-22: Orionids meteor shower
•Cedar Waxwings arrive.
•Look for scarce Rufous Hummingbirds to arrive throughout the region.
•Wintering sparrows, towhees and juncos arrive late in the month – they all love millet in a ground feeder.
•It’s a good time to install bluebird winter roost boxes.
•American Goldfinches start to return this month (in the south of the region).
•First Sprague’s Pipits and longspurs arrive for the winter.
•Monarch migration reaches its peak late in month, sometimes in uncountable numbers.
•Sandhill Cranes arrive in small flocks late in the month.
•Waterfowl migration continues to build; lots of geese can be seen passing over at the end of the month.
•Bald Eagle nest building and maintenance begins.
•Great Horned Owl males begin hooting in nesting territory.
•Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers arrive.
•Sedge Wrens arrive in mid-October.
•Peak fall migration for American Robins.
**This information came from WildBird Unlimited


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  1. Tricia says:

    What great info! We'll have to keep an eye out. Thanks for posting.

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