Making Playdough from Scratch

My mom and a friend of hers came across a All-Natural Play dough recipe and when they saw it they thought of me =)
So tonight the boys and I made a really big mess in the kitchen while we were making some play dough but that’s o.k. because we had fun doing it. I didn’t completely follow the recipe because the boys wanted to use food coloring. I guess they thought it would be fun to squirt it out of the little bottles. We went back and forth with adding more hot water and then more flour but eventually we got the consistency just right. They played with their new play dough for a good while and my oldest said this was a whole lot of FUN! You have to keep the play dough in the fridge so the boys were very concerned that their daddy would throw it away, so I believe I heard both of them warn him NOT to throw it away!! I have included the recipe for the play dough below.
All-Natural Play Clay recipe
from the October 2009 Issue of Family Fun:
-1 cup flour
– 3/8 cup salt
-1TBSP-Vegetable Oil
-Natural Dye (see chart below)
In Medium bowl. combine the flour and salt. Pour in oil and your chosen natural Dye, and stir well. Knead dough on a floured surface for a few minutes. If the clay is too soft, add a bit more flour. Store the clay in airtight containers in the fridge.
Natural Dye Chart:
Brown-3/8 C plus one tsp of hot water and 4TBSP cocoa powder
Fuchsia- 3/8 c hot beet juice
Orange- 3/8 c hot water and 1 TBSP paprika
Yellow-3/8 c hot water and 1 tsp turmeric

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  1. live4evermom says:

    We've never done that, now, just might have to as soon as we get home.

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