Rain, Rain and more Rain = Flooding

These are picture of our driveway, the water goes from our neighbors yard over our driveway, into our lake and then it flows to our neighbors yard and into the road like one continues body of water.
This picture my husband took as he was in our Kayak close to the road looking back towards our house.

Wow, I have seen today what I have never seen in my 38 1/2 years of life………………..Flooding! I live now across from the house I grew up in (well, until I was a young teen anyway) and I have seen this (our) property which used to belong to my grandfather, our road, neighbors (family) property and the property that used to belong to my grandparents (before they passed away) across the street with more water than I have EVER seen before. We have been shocked and amazed and so very thankful we live up on a hill!! All day I have thought if ours is this bad than some peoples house have to be completely under. It reminds me to always be thankful where I am (in life) and with what I have and to PRAY for others around me in whatever situations they find themselves in!!


I was looking up Floods/flooding on the Internet to see if there was anything useful to share with the boys and I came across this at wikipedia under the Flood article and I thought it was very interesting:

Benefits of flooding
There are many disruptive effects of flooding on human settlements and economic activities. However, floods (in particular the more frequent/smaller floods) can bring many benefits, such as recharging ground water, making soil more fertile and providing nutrients in which it is deficient. Flood waters provide much needed water resources in particular in arid and semi-arid regions where precipitation events can be very unevenly distributed throughout the year. Freshwater floods in particular play an important role in maintaining ecosystems in river corridors and are a key factor in maintaining floodplain biodiversity.[13] Periodic flooding was essential to the well-being of ancient communities along the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers, the Nile River, the Indus River, the Ganges and the Yellow River, among others. The viability for hydrological based renewable sources of energy is higher in flood prone regions.

I had just been speaking to my dad this morning as we were observing all the water and I mentioned the fact that God allows these kinds of things to happen but for all we know periodic flooding may be needed by our environment and the land. So who knows maybe I am right, maybe I am not BUT I do know this, we may not understand why God allows all that He does BUT I still choose to TRUST and believe HE knows BEST!!!!


Here is a link to flood pics from around the world

Interesting Article (Science) How Floods work by How Stuff Works


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  1. Tricia says:

    Amazing pictures! And thanks for the great links. We are going to study weather today too. I hadn't found anything on flooding yet but found some free weather lapbooks at http://www.homeschoolshare.com/ and searching for weather. There is both a weather words and a cloudy with a chance of meatballs lapbook.

  2. What a flood! It is so hard to imagine such a flood at this time of the year. We are very dry here in CA and the southern part of the state is dealing with wildfires. I hope the weather breaks soon and you get some relief. Thanks for sharing your part of the world. I love your blog look right now.Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  3. It never occurred to me that floods could be good. I like your thinking. Hope everyone and everything is alright.

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