Boys Club Take Home project: build something using a saw

I signed our boys up for a Boys Club through our local home school group and I am very excited about it. I think it’s going to be great for them!!I know one of the moms that are heading it up and she’s wonderful!! We were out of town for the first meeting =( but the boys are working on the “take home” project that was assigned at that meeting.

“make something with a saw to bring to the September meeting.
The only requirement is that whatever it is be made with a saw (with help of
course for safety reasons) and be brought to our September meeting. You can use
any other tools you need for it, but it must made by sawing”

They worked on their projects today with their dad. They have been bugging him for at least a week to do them. My youngest changed his mind many times on what he wanted to make. My oldest never changed his mind and he even sketched out plans for the project. The boys stuck with it the entire time, they did not give up and expect their dad to finish it. They still have to add a few final touches but I couldn’t wait to share because I was so proud of them and so thankful to my hubby for being such a wonderful daddy =) !! They also made some Christmas ornaments (using a saw) but I didn’t get a picture of those. I am looking forward to taking the boys to their first club meeting next week, I know they are going to have a blast!!


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