Preparing for a FRESH Chicken Dinner

Some of you that are crazy like me may enjoy the pictures below and some of you won’t, so proceed with caution. Oh, yea you can click on all the pics to enlarge them if you want a closer look at anything =)
So today we were just going about our day as normal. Well, normal for us. My hubby had to work 2nd shift today so we were going to do school after he left so the boys could spend some time with him and we had time together as a family. So this morning there had been some 4-wheel riding, playing, chores, clothes washing, Exercising, eating, talking, a wonderful friend brought us a loaf of home made bread (it was still warm) and some supplies so I could make some bread, research on the benefit of Cod Liver Oil and Fish oil, etc. We had just finished lunch when the subject of our mean rooster came up. We have been saying for a while now that we were going to kill him because it wasn’t safe to have him around. The boys begged for us to do it all the time. (I guess that is a boy thing ;). I said let’s just go do it now but my husband said no because he was going to work soon. The boys and I kept asking to do it and he changed his mind when I said I would kill (shoot) him. So he went and got the gun, we separated the rooster from the other chickens and I aimed the gun at him and…………………………..I couldn’t do it, I just got to nervous. So I handed the gun to my hubby and he took care of it. He then proceeded to cut his head off and last but not least he hung him upside down. If you can’t think why he did that, I am not going to explain it =) Well, the idea was just to throw him over the fence as a gift to God’s Creatures the Vultures but after my husband killed him or right before (I can’t remember), my husband said that we (the boys and I) should pluck him and gut him so we could eat him. I was a little apprehensive about doing all this without my husband since I had never gutted an animal before BUT I decided to “women up” (ya know like “man up”) and just do it. I researched it on the Internet and found two helpful articles. After my husband left for work the boys and I got busy and we did it!!!!! Well, mostly me BUT we did do it!! I can’t believe it!! It was messy and stinky but it was kinda cool!! I know I am crazy!! Now I have to admit I felt bad for just a moment when my husband pulled the trigger, that bullet hit that rooster in the head , that rooster did a little dance before he finally just laid down and died. That only lasted for a moment though when I got busy plucking him, I didn’t think about him any more as our “rooster” and I just started thinking about him as our soon to be Fresh Chicken Dinner!!
Here are the two links that helped me out:
Second Article is from Mother’s Earth News
I will update the article very soon with pictures of our Fresh Chicken Dinner!

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  1. You are more of a woman than I am. I often say that if I had to dress my own chicken that I would become a vegetarian. Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. We bought 5 chicks and three have turned out to be roosters. I can't find anyone to take them. I'd eat them except that they are Magnolia, Maple, and Hollyberry. Maybe if they were mean it would be easier.

  3. Christi says:

    You are so much braver than I. We butchered some rabbits about a year ago and I have been afraid to post it. Everyone thinks of rabbits as cute, fluffy, sweet bunnies – they aren't. I have gouges on both my arms from trying to medicate the stupid things (ear mites so it isn't even trying to get them to swallow a pill).The cleaning of them does get easier but I still refuse to do the actual kill. Hubby hates the cleaning so its a win-win situation.The day we did the butchering, we did 10 (long story) and by the time we got to the last ones, my then 9 year old DD did 2 by herself and 5 year old DS did 1 with help. Ideally next time we have to butcher, we can study the body parts – but that takes planning on my part.BTW, found you through the blog carnival

  4. Chef Penny says:

    I am totally with Barb. I may hate the wild chickens that flock in our yard on occasion but I couldn't do it. Kudos to you for "womaning up" and doing the rest. Blech!

  5. Jimmie says:

    Our grandparents did this routinely. We've lost these survival skills in just a couple of generations. I had to clean an already dead and plucked chicken. I thought it was terrible, but I did it. It CAN be done, but it's hardly a pleasant task. But I guess with repetition, it would become mundane. You're awesome to expose your kids to this! And to stretch yourself!

  6. { jamie } says:

    Way to go! Can't say I want to learn this particular skill, but Jimmie is right: even one generation ago, this was common practice for many folks. I grew up hearing my dad tell stories about having the job of holding the "gut pan" when they butchered hogs. (Ewww!)

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