Outdoor Hour-Nature Study Close To Home: Crop Plants-Cotton and Strawberries

One of our Strawberry plants
Our largest Cotton plant
You know what was funny, I had planted cotton and strawberries way before I knew we would be doing an official nature study on them. A good friend was nice enough to give me a couple of little cotton plants just so the boys and I could watch it as it grows. I thought it would be cool to see what cotton actually looks like before it becomes a cotton ball or a shirt =) I also decided to grow strawberries for the very first time this year. Then one day I had an e-mail from the Handbook of NatureStudy Blog, Barb was sharing that she was starting a new series of nature studies and it would be on Crop Plants and I saw that Cotton and strawberries were included. There goes life making those connections (just like Charlotte Mason said it would) thank you LORD for working it all out!! Yesterday (Monday) we talked about strawberries and cotton, then we went out and investigated our plants!! We sketched in our journals, to my dismay we noticed lots of evidence of the kind of visitors you don’t want on your plants. Any suggestions? As always I appreciate Barb for offering such a wonderful variety of nature studies!!
Here is a good article on Strawberries (Health benefits, etc)

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  1. I love the color of the cotton blossom. I love that you have some in your garden and you really must keep us posted as they mature. I would love to see your cotton bolls!Thanks for sharing your garden with us all.Barb-Harmony Art Mom

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