The Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Home: Crop Plants-Green Beans and Corn (Part 2)

Here is our Seed Germination Project. Barb at the Handbook of Nature Study Blog had the information about it on her post for the Green Bean and the Corn challenges. You took a zip lock bag, folded paper towel and put it inside, put a row of staples in 3′ from top of bag, pour in half cup of water, place seeds on the paper towel that sticks out above staples, close bag good and tight, hang in a window and wait for the miracle of germination to begin (hopefully =)

1st pic sketch of green bean and green bean seeds from my youngest creation journal 2. my oldest sketched out a description of the project we did above. 3rd pic is my sketches from our observations.
Here are just two of the ‘cool and beautiful ” creation of our amazing Creator yesterday while we were on our walk!! The first I am pretty sure is a Tent caterpillar nest with lots of caterpillars moving around inside and it also had a huge Cicada Nymph Shell that had fallen into. The second pick is of a Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly but I don’t know what flower or weed it is sitting on? A friend of mine (that is full of Nature Wisdom) just let me know that the butterfly is sitting on Joe Pye Weed. She said she grows it in her yard, so I asked her “WHY” (cause I can be nosy =) and she said “It’s a very important late season bloomer (she grows it along with several other types), it helps along the late season nectar drinkers” I just thought that was amazing that she does that. =)
See Part 1 of this nature challenge

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