God’s Amazing Creation comes in all shapes, sizes and colors!!

These are just a few (Sunsets, Praying Mantis, very tall mushrooms (I believe they were “Flat-topped” mushrooms), Water (shallow and deep), Trees (dead and alive), Rocks, shady woods, a variety of beautiful and unusual wildflowers, Blue jays, Robins, Kingfishers, Green Herons, all different shades of green, dragonflies, butterflies, kittens, Cottontail rabbit, a variety of fungus’ and dogs) of the Amazing sights out in God’s Amazing creation that we got to enjoy on our last camping trip. As always we had a wonderful time relaxing in, playing in and exploring in God’s Amazing Creation. Whenever I am on a camping trip I always ask myself “why don’t you get outside more at home?” My excuse is that normal, everyday “life” gets in the way but sometimes I am just too lazy and enjoy the AC too much!! =) I have to fight that side of my nature because I always feel so much better when I do spend more time out in God’s creation! I hope “YOU” (whoever you are) will take more time out in God’s creation and while your there I hope you notice more of His creations!! It really does a body, soul, mind and spirit GOOD!!!

***Each Season has its joys to treasure, to lift one’s spirits, and to bring us pleasure. author: unknown***

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