Our New Individual Creation Journals

All three of us started a new one this month. The boys had completed their Creation scrapbook they having been using for about two years this month and I had completed mine (the families) Creation journal that I started last April. I wanted to get smaller journals this year and something a little more sturdy so that they would be easy to carry around with us BUT cost is always a factor. I was blessed to remember the sketch books that I have always seen displayed upfront at Borders. So that’s what I got for us. Since the outside colors were all the same we chose to use some stickers to decorate them so we would know whose was whose.
Here is the description from Borders site:
About the book:
Eco Sketchbook Black Canvas (Hard Cover)
Description: Contains 100% post consumer recycled paper. 5 5/8″ x 8 3/4″. Made in U.S.A.
What’s better than sitting in an outdoor café making sketches of the world around you while also making the green choice? In black, jewel red, or cobalt blue, this economically priced, hard-backed sketchbook is a great choice for those with creative aspirations. Made of acid-free paper in a convenient size, take it with you everywhere and your work will never fade.
Regular price $3.99 BUT don’t forget your educator’s discount =)

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