We have had three broody chickens this spring/summer and as of last night we have had a total of 17 chicks added to our chicken family. Though last week we did give away 11 of them. We were going to have some fresh chicken for dinner one night but I am just to lazy right now to go through all the preparation for the fresh chicken dinner =) Well, maybe one day! Above is a pic of the newest chicks (hatched within the last 2 -3 days). There is one more egg under the mom, hopefully it will make it (three of them didn’t). Guess what? As of this morning we have another broody chicken and it is a Serama Hen. She is sitting on one egg, hopefully the egg with hatch and it will be another hen =)
These pictures are of an egg that didn’t make it or should I say a chick. This is just the facts of life and the boys and actually thought it was interesting to see it. I know some of you out there would never do this but as I have said I’m a little crazy =)

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