The All About Him Creation Clubs monthly Nature Walk

1.Sketching in their Creation Journals. 2.Exploring!!
1.Tunnel Spider Web with the Spider inside. 2. Toad
1. Witch Hazel Cones 2. Racing =)
1. Cane 2. Brushing teeth with Beech Tree Stems
Hedge Bindweed
It was a GREAT walk/time outdoors!!! The kids were incredible and we all just had such a wonderful time. I learned so much, boy a couple of moms really know their STUFF when it comes to God’s Creation!!!! Thanks ladies for sharing your knowledge with us!!! We even found a letter box by accident BUT I didn’t even have our stamps and notebooks =( , that’s what I get for not being prepared. Anyway just thought I would share some pictures from our time together. Hope you enjoy them!!
**There were LOTS more pics of things we observed but I just don’t have time to download them all =)****

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