Outdoor-Hour nature Close to Home: Crop Plants- Clover

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1. My oldest Creation Journal 2. My Clover Journal page
1. My oldest with the knife and clover with roots 2. My oldest looking at a clover “Close Up”

1.White Flower Clover 2. Red Flower Clover

1.Patch of White Flower Clovers 2. White Flower Clover Close Up

I just wanted to share with you a little bit about this week’s Outdoor Hour Nature Study. It was so great to do another one of Barb’s challenges. I just love the Handbook of Nature Study Book!!! You know what? Clover really are fascinating little creations!! There were several really interesting things that we learned about clover but one of the coolest to me was that they are edible. Wow, free snack and beverage (tea) all over my property =) I found out all the edible info from Wikipedia and also by reading an article that wikipedia connected you to from the bottom of their article. Looking around our property we observed that we have White Flower clover in abundance and some Red Flower Clover. My oldest enjoyed using his pocket knife to dig up clover so we could see the roots and both boys enjoyed using our Discovery Scope to get a closer look at the Flower-head, leaves, stems and roots. It was a thoroughly enjoyable time together today and I look forward to digging deeper into Clovers this coming week!!

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