May 11, 2009 Nature Walk

We came across a new walking trail near our house the other day. So we decided Monday morning during breakfast we would go check it out. The city it is in have big plans for the future of this area so we have more trails among others things to look forward to. It was a nice morning and ended up being a great time for our family.
Here is a list of what we heard:
Several kinds of birds but we couldn’t identify
Red-Bellied Woodpecker
We saw:
Robins and one Phoebe
3 Chipmunks and one Chipmunk hole
Beaver Dam
a swampy marshy area
a lake
Beautiful old Big Pine and Oak Trees
Magnolia Tree
Cedar Tree
A very big Poplar
A Holly Tree (?)
So many beautiful trees I couldn’t identify (yet)
Deer tracks
Damsel and Dragonflies
A Huge rock the boys had a great time climbing on
all kinds of beautiful wildflowers that I am working on identifying


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