April’s Creation Club Meeting: Signs of Spring

We had our ALL About HIM Creation Club at my house today and it was a BEAUTIFUL day to be out in God’s Creation!! Our topic was Signs of Spring and Protecting God’s Creation but we never got to the Protecting God’s Creation. That is o.k. though because we had a great action packed time as it was. The meeting of course started with the kids playing together until it was time to “officially” start. I opened with scripture from God’s Word and one of the kids said a sweet prayer thanking God for His Creation!! Then we got down to the business of “sharing” and I just love this part of the club. I think we had about 10 kids share with us today. We got to hear about things growing in gardens, things one of them saw on a field trip and we got to see some wonderful pictures that kids had colored and sketched of things out in God’s Creation. We moved on from there to talk about Spring or I should say SIGNS of Spring. The kids shared that flowers, the color green and caterpillars were all signs pf spring. I read just little about Spring from a “Seasons” book I have but I didn’t finish because I felt it was time to get the kids up and moving =) So I got them talking about baby animals being a sign of Spring and then we played a game called “Whose your Baby?” I passed out these cards that had a picture of an animal on it and they had to “act out” what animal they were. Some were animal moms (or dads =) and some were baby animals and they were supposed to find who they belonged to. It was cute to hear quacking, oinking, meowing, etc… as they tried to find there baby or their parent!! You know kids like something when they ask to play it again!! Instead of playing it again I took them up to our back pasture to see our goats, chickens, chicks and eggs! This was a huge hit with the kids ………..at least it seemed like it to me!! Finally we headed out for a Nature Walk and it was awesome. I think all the kids liked walking through the woods and a bonus to the walk was that we have two moms that are soooooo knowledge when it comes to God’s Creation and their shared this knowledge with us while on the walk and it was amazing!! Please check out this POST to see pictures of some of the things we observed. Also in the post is an assignment (A Fun one) for the All About Him Creation Club members………So please check it out!! After the walk the kids were supposed to complete their nature Scavenger Hunt sheet or sketch something from the walk for their nature journal’s. I was so proud of the kids for actually doing this and coming and showing me what they did!!! It was another wonderful time out in God’s Creation!!! Thank You to all the moms and kids for joining me!!!
P.S. If anyone has any pics they can share I will post them to this blog so all the members can enjoy them!!

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