Our Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Him and A New 4 Season Tree Study: A Sweet Gum and a Nature Walk

We follow the nature Challenges from the HNS Blog and right now Barb the owner is challenging us on BIRDS, we love birds at our house. We have been unsuccessful with getting pictures of any of the birds we were focusing on but we have enjoyed watching and listening to them around our house and when we have been out in God’s Amazing creation at other places. We have also recently read about the birds (Finch, Robin and Cardinal) in the Burgess Bird Book for children, checked for info. about them in our field guides and listened to them in our Bird Songbook. Today Barb has sent out a new bird challenge and you can check it out Here you can also check out the first bird challenge there. Have Fun with these challenges while learning about these amazing creatures our Lord created! Also if you scroll down to the bottom left of my blog you will find lots of Bird resources!
My oldest and my sketches of the Sweet Gum Tree we picked for our 4 season tree study
We were enjoying seeing lots of Dogwood blossoms, the last pic here is of a resident Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker Woodpecker.
During our walk we observed LOTS of ferns and new ferns waking up (last pic)
The boys love this little bit of creek we have on our property. The next picture is of some type of mushrooms and what was cool is they look like cups or bowls and the were actually holding water in them.
Here is the view from behind the Sweet Gum we picked (my oldest is sketching it), the second pic is of the view right in front of our tree. The tree is actually Southeast of our back door.
Here is a view to the left of the tree and next is the view to the right of the tree
Here is the trunk and the spray of our tree and a brand new bud on one of the limbs.
Here are new small limbs coming out of the bottom of the trunk and of one of the roots.
There was lots of moss on the tree, I like that I think it gives the tree character. The boys looked at it up close and fro a far. While we we observing it and they were swinging on it we noticed a big ant hill right behind it on the ground, we heard a Red-bellied Woodpecker, Pileated Wood pecker, some other birds and of course our chickens. We didn’t notice anything alive on the tree except for the moss =) It will be fun to keep an eye on our tree during the 4 seasons since we have the swing and we will be near our chickens and goats.
“Deep, glossy green star-shaped leaves mark the Sweetgum. Leaves turn yellow-purple-red in the fall, and stay on the tree quite late. Its shape is pyramidal, becoming more rounded with age……” —Quote from HERE
Sweet Gum Tree Facts
More facts at Wikipedia


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