Newest Additions to the Family (Goats =)

We are adding Pygmy Goats to the family. Over the last week or so I have done a lot of research on goats. After all the research I had decided I wanted Pygmy goats for our family. Of course we had to do some things to our pasture and barn to be able to bring goats home. We had in mind that we would get two goats………that is IF we were going to do this. I came across a gentlemen that owns/sells Pygmy’s (has since the 80’s) that lives only 10 mins away from us. It was a great experience, he was so nice to us, he showed us his goats and answered all our questions. After speaking to him and seeing how small the Pygmy’s were my husband was sold on the idea. When we left the gentleman’s house we talked everything over and decided we would buy four pygmy’s instead of two. We are buying a 1.5 yr old mama and her 3 wk little girl baby and also two wethers (neutered males) babies. The two wethers were just born this past Saturday. Well, after seeing the goats and deciding to do this we came home and got busy. Two days later we are completely ready to bring the goats home. Hopefully we will be bringing the mama and baby home by the middle of next week. The newly born little boys (wethers) won’t be able to come until their weaned from their mama’s. We are pretty excited around here, the boys were very disappointed when we couldn’t bring the goats home the day we saw them. o>k., O.k. I’ll stop here and we’ ll keep you updated. By the way I am looking forward to trying goat milk for the first time in my life =)
**Update: Today we went over to take a couple of pics of our goats and we found out one of the little boys we were getting died. The man doesn’t know why but with new borns it can happen. This one was going to belong to my younest =( Next week we will pick another little boy to get for our youngest. Oh, the boys have decided on names…………Billy, Willy and the little girl will be Tilly.

Here is the mama and her little girl

This is the little boy that will belong to my oldest

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