Our March Composer: Vivaldi

“Vivaldi was one of the best composers of his time. He wrote operas, sonatas and choral works, but is particularly known for his concertos (he composed over 500, although many have been lost). One of the most famous sets is The Four Seasons. After his death, Vivaldi’s music was virtually forgotten for many years. However, in the early 1900’s, many of his original scores were rediscovered and his popularity andCheck Spelling reputation have continued to grow since that time.” —Quote from Classic for Kids
After listening to the program at Classics For Kids about Vivaldi I learned that his famous piece The Four Seasons was actually inspired by the poem you see below. I thought that was very interesting especially having them explain how the words fit in with what sound. We also found out he became a priest and because of his red hair they called him the red priest. I got the feeling that he only became a priest as a means to consistent work/income not because it is what God called him to be………..but I could be wrong!! We heard more interesting things about this composers life but I will let you find out the rest for yourself. My oldest has enjoyed the few programs we have listened to at Classics For Kids. It’s a great resource so if you haven’t checked it out, I encourage you to do so.
Spring has come, and joyfully
the birds welcome it with cheerful song,
and the streams,
caressed by the breath of zephyrs,
flow swiftly with sweet murmurings.
But now the sky is cloaked in black
and thunder and lightning announce themselves;
when they die away, the little birds
return to fill the air with their sweet song.
Then on the pleasant flower-strewn meadow,
to the gentle rustle of leaves and branches
the goatherd rests, his faithful dog at his side.
To the rustic bagpipe’s gay sound,
nymph and shepherd dance beneath the fair spring sky in all its glory.
More Vivaldi Resources:

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