Art Lesson: SCRUCTURES we can live in (Basic lines and shapes)

Today we were working again with lines and basic shapes to sketch structures. I decided to work on structures you can live in. The art lesson book I have and use to get ideas from had examples of an igloo, grass hut, tree house, tent, houseboat, log cabin, and more. As I usually do when we are having an art lesson, I show them examples using some of the most famous pieces of art. I would just take the time to point out the different types of lines and shapes in the pictures and then just give them time to look at the picture and see what observations they might have. Once I started pointing out lines and shapes they followed doing the same with every picture we looked at. They of course let me know when they like something and when they don’t =)
1. Tintoretto. Transport of the Body of Saint Mark. 1562-66 Oil on Canvas.
2.Limbourg Brothers. February from the Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. Before 1416. Manuscript. Musee’ Conde, Chantilly, France.
3. Pieter Saenredam. Interior of the Church of St. Bavo at Haarlem. 1638. Oil on Canvas.

1. Maurice De Vlaminck. Restaurant de la Machine a Bougival. c. 1905. Oil on Canvas.
2. Beatus of Liebana. The Sciptorium in the Tower of the Monastery of Tavara, from Commentary on the Apocalypse
3. Thomas Cole. The Subsiding of the Waters of the Deluge. 1892. Oil on Canvas.

After looking at the pictures (and more), I showed them the items in my art lesson book and we started sketching. What I have been noticing is how determined my youngest has been lately (even more than normal) when it comes to things he wants to accomplish. He was very determined to get his sketches just right today. His determination isn’t always easy to deal with but I know that by the grace of God it will truly benefit him one day.

My oldest decided to take this pic of me while I was sketching.

These above sketches are from my oldest he did a tree house, a castle and a houseboat with a dolphin that’s bigger than the boat swimming near it.
These sketches are from my youngest……..he did things like a tent, tree house, castle, igloo by himself and then he ask me to help him with a bigger castle so he put his hand on mine and I sketched the outline and he filled in all the details.
Here is an Art lesson on Basic Lines and shapes using the artist Kandinsky as an example. This lesson also has the art definitions for lines and it has some great art resource links. Here is a second lesson on basic lines in art. I even included a fun activity you can do outside (or inside if it isn’t pretty) with your kids. Here is a third and the last lesson on lines and shapes in art. The book I have with all these pictures (and so many more) is HERE.


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