All About Him Creation Club Feb. 09 Meeting: Mammals

ALL About God’s Amazing Creatures…….the MAMMAL!
Mammals are animals that have hair, are warm-blooded, and nourish their young with milk.

This month’s club was Fantastic!! The mom we had lead it did a WONDERFUL job!! This month was all about Mammals! We first started with a prayer, scripture, nature poem and quote. Then we let the kids take turns sharing about their favorite mammal. We had kids share about Hedgehogs, Cheetahs, Dogs, Squirrels, Cats, Panda Bears and more. It was great seeing the kids get up and share. It’s easier for some kids than others but even when it was hard for some to actually share it was great just to see that they wanted to do it.
This precious little one shared about Cheetahs.
One of our moms brings her little dog with her to the club so we actually had a real mammal to observe =)

Here we were talking about how we all, even animals have a comfort zone and we need to respect each other’s and an animals. We do not need to crowd the animal and make it uncomfortable.

One of the moms had went around taking pictures of the kids while they had been playing and they hadn’t even noticed it because the mom had respected their space and made sure she didn’t get to close. That again is the same way we need to treat animals out in God’s Creation.

Here one of the moms pretended to be a deer just doing one of the things God made it to do…….eat. Then our club leader of the day ran up to the deer (mom) and startled it. I think she really did scare the mom when she came running up so fast and being so loud. Another lesson for the kids about not getting to close to animals.

One of our oldest kids at the club really enjoyed my bird book I brought . I had brought some of my favorite nature resources to show the moms and kids.

The above pictures show another activity the kids participated in. They each sketched a mammal trying to keep it hidden from the other kids, the animals were collected and passed back out so everyone had a different mammal. Then each kid sketched a picture of what the mammal’s habitat would look like, including food they would eat and keeping it camouflaged so it would be protected from predators. The kids did a great job and had lots of fun doing it and sharing what they did.

Next we played a game called ……..Thicket. We started with one predator and everyone else was the prey. The predator had to keep their eyes closed while the prey was hiding. The prey was supposed to hide but be in a position where they could see the predator. Then the predator without being able to move around would call out who they could see. We played several times to the delight of the kids. Every time we played we would have more predators and less prey. The kids had a blast!!

We had a little lesson on Mistletoe when one of the moms spotted some on a fallen tree. Earlier I pointed to the sky and had automatically assumed what I was seeing was geese but I was wrong, that’s what I get for assuming and not observing more closely =) After listening to the birds one of the moms said it was the Sandhill Crane. It was so cool to find that out!!

The last activity the kids got to participate in was getting in groups and each group creating two posters one for wild animals and one for domesticated animals. Our leader for this club brought all supplies needed for all activities. Again it was a wonderful time out in God’s creation learning about some of HIS wonderful creatures!!

After we were done with all the activities the kids ran to play on the playground for a while and then a few of us went for a walk before we headed home. While on the walk the kids found an animal track and some animal poop beside a creek.
Check this out ALL ABOUT MAMMALS
All About Mammals @ Enchanted Learning


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