A Simple Sewing Project: A Secret Note Holder

Our end of Feb. and March Handicraft/Life skills Study is sewing. I am using the lessons at the Kids Sewing Website for practice for me and to teach the boys sewing basics. Looking at the first lesson they had, I got the idea for a note holder to hang on their doors. So that they could pass notes to each other or to mom and dad and we could also use them to give the boys little notes. I didn’t have any but I would suggest you use card stock, cut it to the size you want, punch holes where you want them and I had big needles good for sewing with yarn. When the boys sewed the paper together it left a nice pocket just big enough for notes. Before we started my hubby ask the boys what they were about to do and when they said sew (and they sounded excited), he said oh my goodness. I said hey,they need to know this in case they marry a woman that doesn’t know how to sew=) This project didn’t take long and the boys enjoyed it so I think it was a success!
Kids Sewing Projects
How to Make Sewing Fun for Kids
P.S. I have already received sweet notes from both my boys tucked into what I am calling their secret note pocket.

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  1. Amy says:

    What a great idea! I have punched wholes in foam board to give my kids a chance to practice sewing and making patterns, but I bet they (and esp. my son) would get more excited about a secret note holder! -Amy

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