Sketch Tuesday: Tropical Birds

Here are the results of our sketch of the week (Sketch Tuesday) project. I printed out some coloring sheets of tropical birds just to have an example to go by. My oldest forget this was a sketch of the week and he colored his bird, instead of sketching it. When I noticed what he was doing I said, your supposed to sketch your bird not just color it. Well at that point he decided not to participate. I didn’t make a big deal about it. I wanted to leave it up to the boys if they wanted to participate. The first pic is of the two birds (Flamingo and a Frigate bird) that my youngest and I sketched as a team =) When he first started tonight he got so very frustrated when it didn’t go the way he wanted it to. I just wanted him to enjoy this so I suggested we work as a team on the outline of the bird, then he would finish it. The second picture is mine and it’s of a male Frigate bird. The third picture belongs to my oldest, he was coloring the Blue Bird of Paradise. When we picked these birds he was able to go to his room and from his memory find them in a couple of his animal books. I encourage you to be inspired and motivated by these weekly sketch ideas hosted by the Harmony Art Mom.

Tropical Birds Coloring Pages
Tropical Birds Photos
Blue Bird of Paradise Video

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