Nature Study Indoors

Our recent nature study was inside at the Aquarium inside the Mall of America
In the first pic my youngest was sitting beside a HUGE turtle in the tank, I know you can’t see the turtle, I can’t either but doesn’t my youngest look so cute!!
I know your asking yourself why did I take this picture, I just couldn’t help it. =) Don’t worry it didn’t even phase the boys, with having Roosters and Hens they see this kind of thing all the time.
This was the best view I had ever had of an Octopus. They really are fascinating creatures.

Below is a description of some of the adventures we had while visiting this aquarium. The information is direct quotes from the Aquariums WEBSITE.

Touch of the Wild Woods. Presented by the MN Department of Natural Resources and Outdoor Heritage Center Your adventure begins with a stroll through the Wild Woods, a northern Minnesota forest adventure filled with hundreds of turtles, trout, toads, and native Minnesota fish. Don’t miss Brutus, our enormous 60-year-old Alligator Snapping turtle!

The Tunnel Our amazing glass tunnel takes you 14 feet under the water’s surface to witness the lakes, rivers, reefs, and deeper oceans of the world. See sharks, stingrays, sawfish, and endangered sea turtles in Shark Cove and revel in the beautiful wonders of the Wild Amazon. Take in an angler’s paradise of Fisherman’s Hollow and complete your underwater odyssey in the colorful coral gardens of Rainbow Reef.

SeaCrits of Hollywood . See the “SeaCrits of Hollywood”, featuring the real-life sea critters you’ve seen in your favorite films. From sharks to clownfish, octopus, piranha, and seahorses, it’s a star-studded gala to thrill every little pirate and mermaid – and their parents too!
Click on UNDERWATER ADVENTURES® AQUARIUM for information and for more detailed information click HERE!


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