Art Lesson: Showing Size, Proportion and Perspective

Look at these paintings, the first is by Jan Vermeer “View of Delft” 1160-61. The second is Claude Gellee called Claude Lorrain “Seaport at Sunset” 1639. In both pf these paintings you can see how well the artist depicts the size of objects by the way you compare it with other objects in the painting. In the first picture you can tell how big the buildings are by looking at the size of the people. In the second picture you can get a feeling of the size of things when you compare the size of the ships in the foreground to the ships in the background, also when you look at the size of the people in relation to the size of the ships.

In these two pictures we were talking about the way an object in the background that is of the same size or very close or even bigger than the object in the foreground (front of pic) can and will appear smaller.

We flipped through my Art lessons book to see the example’s that were used to demonstrate how you can depict the size of something in your art. They both chose to sketch Godzilla and the results are below. The first picture is by my youngest and it’s of Godzilla towering over a tree. The second is by my oldest and he sketched Godzilla and another creature to be towering over a building and being about 100x’s as big as a tank and an airplane flying around =)

A Site of basic drawing Lessons
A lesson on showing size of an object
A lesson on Proportions (This looks great, it has wonderful examples and it also has other Art Lessons to look through.)
Here are All of my ART post which include all my other Art Lessons.

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