Outdoor Hour–Nature Close To Home: #46 Mammals: Woodchuck/Groundhog, Prairie Dog, Marmots and our own Bird Watching pics

Go check out this Challenge at the HNS Blog. , Barb the owner had great resources and even video’s to watch. My boys loved the one where the Marmots are “wrestling” =o).
We read from the Burgess Animal Book like Barb suggested (My boys love this book!!) and we really enjoyed the stories about these little critters. We glanced through our Mammal lap books again and than sketched some pics for our nature journals. The First pic is by my oldest of Woodchucks. One before Hibernation and one after hibernation. Notice one is skinnier than the other one. The second pic is by my youngest, he traced these Prairie Dogs and then finished pic by sketching in whiskers and a few other details. Oh, I wish we could walk out see some of these creatures but alas it’s just not going to happen =o) Well, Birdwatching has been a major activity in our house this week. Here are a few different birds we saw at our feeder.


Carolina Wren


This week we also finished up our study of Weather at our local Creation Club that I host. We also had the opportunity to learn about the Northern Lights at this creation club, it was just an awesome BONUS!!
More Nature Study this week:
Here is my post about our Creation Club Meeting we had this week.
Here is my post with great resources on the Aurorus Boreallis (The Northern Lights)

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