All About Him January Creation Club

This pic was taken at the very beginning of our club, it is of most of the kids that were with us.
We started with a prayer, sharing God’s Word (Ps.148), a poem (Who Has Seen the Wind?),I told them about the Back Yard Bird Count and then we had Show-N-Tell. We had most of the kids get up and share about God’s Creation: things they had seen, things they had studied, pictures they had sketched and more. They were so cute, it was wonderful to hear from each of them!!
We had a special guest (A friend of one of our moms) who taught about the Northern Lights. It was AWESOME! She did a great job explaining to the kids and she had great pics to show them. I really think they all enjoyed it!! After she taught us and showed us the pics, she had some kids come up and sketch out what they had learned about how and why we have the Northern Lights. The last pic (from wikipedia) above is good visual on what happens to cause the Northern lights.
Our Theme was Weather so after the Northern Lights presentation we took them outside to check out the weather. We got them to sketch a picture that showed what kind of weather we were having. While they were sketching we asked them questions about weather: What was their favorite kind? What are different types of Weather?, etc.. Their sketches were wonderful!! We moved back inside and had a presentation from one of our moms on Weather, Clouds and the Water Cycle. (She did GREAT!!) Then I had a Water Cycle Experiment for them to see. We ended with letting them look at the Beautiful Pictures one of our moms took of different types of clouds, looking at weather books, our nature journals, some of my favorite nature study books that I had brought and an opportunity to cut out snowflakes. While the moms helped me clean up the kids went outside to play and they had a BLAST together!!! I think it was another GREAT time “In” God’s Amazing Creation”!! Thanks to all the moms and kids that came!!
Water Cycle Video (Great Video of Bill Nye the Science Guy but there is one reference to billions of years in the very beginning)
Beautiful Video of real Snowflakes (Up close)
Check out this site for Nature Books, Winter Books, Snow Books and so much more!!!
I am excited to announce that at our May 28th Creation Club we will have a special guest. Here is a hint on what it’s going to be about………..Camouflage!

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