Outdoor Hour–Nature Close To Home: Mammals–Squirrel’s

God Created the……..Squirrel
BUT first let me share about WEATHER……………

Today we had Cirrus Clouds in the sky, it is a BEAUTIFUL sky!! We did a little “school” outside and then started for a walk. We ended up spending time down at the lake playing, sitting and laying under this beautiful sky. The boys and I did end up sketching in our nature journals and looking in their weather lapbooks to find out what type of wind we were having. We were having what you would call a “light breeze, #2” on a Beaufort Wind Scale.

Here are the Nature Journal Pics from my boys. My oldest sketched wild onions (1st pic) and my youngest sketched the cirrus clouds he was seeing in the sky (2nd pic).

O.K. now I’ll move onto to our Study about Mammals and this week in particular…. Squirrel’s. We started this yesterday and continued it today. The pic below is of my boys working on a Squirrel informational coloring sheet.

After they colored I went over some information about Squirrel’s from the Handbook of Nature Study book.
Here I was reading to my boys after we had a little picnic in the living room. I was reading to them about squirrel’s from the Burgess Animal Book for Children. Yesterday we also kept going to our window looking out at the feeder to see if we had any squirrels visiting us.
8:30am: We had about four
10:30am: Only One
11:30pm: None
12:03pm: None
Today we didn’t keep track of the time but we got to see up to three squirrels at once at our bird feeder. Here is one of them above and check my other pics of what we observed below.
The last pic is of our bird feeder that is outside of our bedroom window. This is where we find these mammals called squirrels every morning =o)
Burgess Animal Book for Children-Online
Burgess Animal Book for Children-Audio
Handbook of Nature Study Book Blog Info.: Outdoor Hour: Squirrel’s
It was another wonderful week (in and) outside in God’s Amazing Creation!!
P.S. We also got to identify a New bird that has been visiting our little lake this week. See it HERE.

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