Think Outside the Box : Building with a Deck of Cards

This project challenge by THINK was amazing. I started it with my kids and we worked for a while and finally I stopped to move onto something else. Well, almost every free moment that day the boys continued working on this project. I loved it because it made them THINK!! It was also something that made them TRY, TRY and TRY again!! When I started it I ended up getting a little frustrated because the cards would fall so easily but I would just laugh and try again, I’m not always a good example to my kids but I was trying hard to be one at this time =o) We started out on our hardwood floor in the living room, that wasn’t working out so well so we moved to a bedroom with carpet, it still wasn’t working great so we cheated a little and used something to balance the bottom pieces on. Later when my husband peeked in to see what was going on he said we should bend the cards just a little and that would help them to stand (or balance) better. I knew husbands were good to have around =o) Once again I appreciate the Project Challenges that the THINK Blog puts out!! Go ahead give it a TRY!!
Here are the Instructions from THINK:
Week Twenty-One — Cities
Place a deck (or more) of cards on the table. Tell your student to build a city. No other instructions. When done, check this out. —Quote directly from the THINK BLOG

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