Outdoor Hour–Nature Close To Home: Mammals–Rabbits

God’s Amazing Creation: The Rabbit
Pic from Wikipedia
We started our Mammal Nature Study Challenges this past week. These challenges are prepared and given by Barb at HNS Blog. We are really excited about this time we are going to be spending on Mammals. The picture above shows the materials we are using: The Handbook of Nature Study Book, The Burgess Animal Book for Children and a Forest Mammals Lapbook. I purchased the Lapbook from Hearts and Trees Blog. (We are also doing the Weather lapbook that is sold on the same blog) These are the first Lapbooks I have ever done and I am enjoying them. I am not going to be strict about using them but it is a central location to have some important and fun information. We started this Mammal study on Rabbits. We were outside plenty this week but we never saw a Rabbit and of course I didn’t expect to. I took some time to hit some highlights from the HNS book and then we enjoyed the stories (Chap 1-3) from Burgess Animal book but not all at one time. We went over a little of the general Mammal information in the Lapbook and looked at anything directly related to rabbits. It was a good Nature study!! Once again Barb @ HNS Blog had some great resources to help us out. So I encourage to check her Blog out!
Rabbit Resources:
Rabbits @ Wikipedia
Bunny Fun & Learning For Kids (ALL kinds of GREAT Rabbit Resources) @ Earth’s Kid’s
Burgess Animal Book for Children-Online
Burgess Animal Book for Children-Audio
Below are some Miscellaneous pictures from the last couple of weeks. They were taken either here at home or on our last camping trip right after Christmas. They are of some beautiful and interesting things we’ve seen out in God’s Creation! Since sometime in December we have been taking opportunities to study God’s Amazing Weather. I mentioned above we are using a Weather Lapbook and I also wanted to mention that to go along with the Weather theme we are using a “Clouds in Art” Study. Click HERE to see more about it.

Last night we good our 1st snowflakes of the year! The boys were sooooooooooo excited!! Unfortunately it only lasted about 8-10 minutes =o)

(Last pic is of our Weather Lapbook)

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